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Cannabis Management Resources (or CMR as we call ourselves) is a resource company specializing in Consulting, Marketing and Recruiting.

We are problem solvers for the cannabis community. We are proud to set up, brand and push you and your company to operational excellence. Our goal is to help make you successful and to make your brand stand out.





No matter the issue, our team has the experience to help you evaluate your effectiveness, preemptively identifying opportunities for improvement. 


We understand how cannabis can (and cannot) be marketed, and we have the specialized knowledge you need to keep your social strategy compliant.


Our goal is to take care of all your staffing needs. We won’t just fill one of your positions with a top candidate but will find the right people for every aspect of your business.




Our clients become our family, plain and simple.

We celebrate your victories and help overcome your challenges.

We are with you for the long haul.


Our team

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sarah seale

Managing Partner

Sarah comes to the industry with over 15 years of experience in International Operations, Franchise and Sales Management. After relocating to Toronto and starting to work with the Cannabis Industry two years ago, Sarah realized that the transactional methods available to the companies in this field were hurting them as much as they were helping them and she decided to make a change. Her clients and her team call her “mum” and she does her very best to live up to that title.

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lucas swinden

Content Creator

Lucas is our content creator extraordinaire! This incredibly talented guy has no end to his creativity. From photography, videography, website design, animation and graphic design, there isn’t anything he can’t handle. Lucas likes long walks on Trinidadian beaches, drinks with friends and scaring his boss into thinking he will jump on a plane and go work for an international travel magazine and she will have to hire 5 people to replace him.







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