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Hey there,

We are Cannabis Management Resources, thanks for stopping by.

Cannabis Management Resources (or CMR as we call ourselves) is a resource company that has been set up specifically to address the needs of this amazing industry. We started working in the field 2 years ago from the agency side and realized that this is not an industry that can be helped through large sum transactional or traditional methods. To TRULY help companies that are experiencing an escalated  growth under stringent regulations in an incredible competitive market, we needed to embrace our motto of being Your People Partner.

We are problem solvers for the community. With over 15 years in experience on an operational level and with an incredibly talented team of consultants and full time employees, CMR is proud to help set up, brand and push our clients to operational excellence. We help to bring your visions and dreams into a profitable business model and having a team behind you building and executing strategy helps our clients sleep at night.

Each of our clients have a different area they need support in, we customize each project to a clients specific need and work within their budget. Our goal is to help make you successful and to make your brand stand out.

Much love,


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Having a vision for what you want is not enough…Vision without execution is hallucination

- Thomas A. Edison