Dr. Harley Moseley III

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Dr. Harley Moseley III is an American Board-Certified Physiatrist/ Rehabilitation Physician. He graduated in 1995 from the University of the West Indies.  Dr. Moseley went on to pursue his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the prestigious JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute/UMDNJ (now Rutgers) in New Jersey, USA.  

He returned to Barbados in 2006 and commenced his practice as the first Physiatrist to do so in the English-speaking Caribbean.  He is currently the Head of the Department of Rehabilitation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West Indies Faculty of Medicine (Cave Hill Campus) and a Fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Dr Moseley has developed the first full-service Amputee Clinic in the Eastern Caribbean and helped to establish Barbados’s first Stroke Unit.

In his practice he manages both public and private patients.  The patient population that he has been treating frequently consists of chronic pain secondary to cancer, fibromyalgia, low back pain, arthritides, chronic gynaecological disorders, neurorehabilitation patients including those with spasticity, amputees, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, as well as patients with catastrophic multiple injuries from trauma.

Dr. Moseley is the first physician in Barbados to have successfully prescribed medicinal cannabis.  He continues to educate his colleagues, patients, students and the general public on the potential benefits of utilizing medicinal cannabis.