CMR is a startup company in a startup industry.

This requires an incredible amount of heart, time and dedication.

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Sarah Seale

Sarah comes to the industry with over 15 years experience in International Operations, Franchise and Sales Management. After relocating to Toronto and starting to work with the Cannabis Industry  two years ago, Sarah realized that the transactional methods available to the companies in this field were hurting them as much as they were helping them and she decided to make a change. CMR has been set up specifically catered to this industries unique people and growth problems and takes a project based operational model to truly build efficient systems and to help solve problems. Her clients and her team call her “mum” and she does her very best to live up to that title.

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Andrea Salva

Andrea comes to the team with an incredible eye for building brands and getting companies the recognition they need. She is a social media wizard who seemingly does not sleep and continuously brings new skills out of her bag of tricks. Andrea is a professionally trained interviewer with a strong event management background and has been instrumental in making sure that everyone knows our clients name. In her spare time she has a dog food line at Whole Foods. We strongly suspect she also may be an international spy but we are afraid she secretly knows advanced martial arts and may kill us if we talk about it. So we don’t.

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Lucas Swinden

Lucas is our content creator extraordinaire ! This incredibly talented guy has no end to his creative level, from photography to videography, website creation, animation and graphics so far there has been nothing we have sent his way that he hasn’t been able to improve upon and make incredible. Similar to Andrea, Lucas also does not seem to sleep and weirdly likes to work at 11 p.m. and early Sunday mornings. Lucas likes long walks on Trinidadian beaches, drinks with friends and scaring his boss into thinking he will jump on a plane and go work for an international travel magazine and she will have to hire 3 people to replace him.

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